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Commitment to Anti-Racism

I am going to skip right to the part where I tell you I have not been doing enough to be anti-racist and here is my plan moving forward. I am not focusing this post on my experience or emotions but rather my actions...because that is the only thing that actually counts. And the coach in me knows that my success in sustainably waking up every day and showing up to do this work is increased by saying my goals out loud and asking you to help hold me accountable. (And we should be holding all businesses accountable...large and small.) So this is a design...I will iterate as I grow and when I know better, I will do better.

My anti-racist goals as they pertain to Jac & Violet:

1- Starting in July, 10% of online sales will be donated to an organization that is doing work to empower and lift up individuals and communities of color. As of right now, I have decided that the organization will change on a quarterly basis. Please DM me with organizations that you think Jac & Violet should support. 

2- I will elevate a BIPOC artist and/or small business owner at least once per month. [NOTE: I will ask for permission to feature them and their work on my feed before posting.] If there is an individual or business that you think I should share out, please DM me.

3- I will share out articles/resources/information that I have found impactful. I will try to ensure that the majority of these originate from BIPOC thought leaders. 

My personal anti-racist goals:

1- I will continue to read, listen, and educate myself on the systems that I benefit from and the history of injustices against people of color in this country. I know I have blind spots. It is my personal responsibility to uncover as many of these as possible.

2- And when my blind spots slap me in the face…I will exhale into my physiological embarrassment (and likely shame) and listen harder, graciously accepting feedback and constructive criticism when I fuck up. And I will share my missteps with you so we can all learn.

3- I will put my money where my mouth is and use my dollars to support brands, business, and organizations that are BIPOC-owned, whenever possible.

4- I am making a concentrated effort to better understand local politics. I am embarrassed to admit that I am not versed in how these systems and structures work (because...privilege) and it’s on me to research and ask questions and get educated so I can show up as an informed voter when it comes to the politics that directly affect my family and neighbors.

5- I am committed to taking care of myself so I can show up for anti-racist work for the long haul. This is a day-in and day-out effort and choice. The lane I choose might look different from one day to the next - reading, conversation, volunteering, voting, coaching, processing, listening, donating, posting, etc...but I am committing to choosing one. And no matter which lane I choose, it is essential that I am operating from a place of grounded wellbeing so I can continue to show up with an open-mind, an empathetic heart, and a fierce persistence.

Peace & love to you. Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for supporting my work. Thank you for holding me accountable. I appreciate you.

Andrea xx

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