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About Jac & Violet

The Women Behind the Brand

Jac & Violet is named after the artist's grandmothers - Jacqueline & Violet. 

Jacqueline, Andrea's maternal grandmother and namesake (Andrea's middle name is Jacqueline) was a poised, regal, down-to-earth sort of woman. Andrea remembers many a sleepover trying on her grandma's jewelry, silk kimono pajamas, and strutting around with her vintage beaded purses. Jacqueline was the queen of understated elegance. An OG of pastels and florals. A master in her rose garden. And the kindest woman you will have ever met.

Violet, Andrea's paternal grandmother was a more-is-more kind of woman! Keeping her four sons and husband in line was no small task and her feisty energy, even at 97, was a product of all those years of corralling the boys. She had bold style - big sunglasses, bright dresses, and a cocktail jewelry game that would make Iris Apfel smile. To her last day, Violet wore a diamond ring on every finger because...what are you really saving your good jewelry for anyway??

These women have inspired Andrea - her character, her style, and her art in their own ways. And Jac & Violet is the artist's "thank you" and tribute to them and the lives they created.

The Women Behind the Collections

Powerful women make the world go round! So rightfully, each collection is named after a powerful woman who inspires Andrea - friends, family, artists, legends, and movers and shakers that live (or have lived) boldy in their own truth, love fiercely, and are a gift to the worlds they influence.

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