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Jac & Violet owner and maker, Andrea Gharritt, is a Wisconsin native who has been designing and making jewelry since she was six years old. Thank goodness her craft and materials have evolved over the years! Each piece is handcrafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota in her tiny little studio in Uptown.

         Andrea is a functional nutrition dietitian & integrative lifestyle coach by day and jewelry artist by night (and early morning and weekend and sometimes over lunch). Her love for art and jewelry design has offered much-needed reprieve and balance throughout her life, especially in the science-heavy world she practices in. Informed by her years of formal training and personal exploration, Andrea takes a mixed media approach when it comes to wearable art. For her, this allows the process to be incredibly organic and for each one-of-a-kind piece to almost magically create itself. 

For Andrea, it is the greatest thrill to get lost in shapes, textures, and pallets that will ultimately result in a deliberate piece of bold self-expression. Because honestly, the boldest, bravest thing we can do some days is to simply show up as 100% ourselves. And what we wear and how we adorn our bodies can help give us the confidence to do so. So why not be bold and wear your art!






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