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This collection is the physical & wearable manifestation of all my rebranding efforts over at The Bold Life Design and I gotta is just so dang joyful! It may be gray outside but these colors and shapes make me smile. And really, can you have too many microjoys after a year like 2020?? Answer: No. Definitely not. So here she is...The ⁠Brené Collection. ⁠

This collection is inspired by the one and only Brené Brown. Researcher and storyteller, Brené's work on shame, vulnerability, and resilience has been life- changing for so many humans. I will never forget the first time I read "Daring Greatly"...I felt seen and understood and validated. Something cracked opened, allowing me to be honest with my truth, brave with my vulnerabilities, and find a home within myself. What a gift. ⁠

And I truly feel like it is because of her work that I have evolved into the dietitian & coach I am today. I have the pure honor & privilege of walking alongside individuals as they reclaim the relationship they have with their body, food, and how they take care of themselves. And I get to do it in a way that feels 100% authentically like me. I am so damn grateful for this work, I could cry. ⁠

So thank you Brené. And thank you, each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting Jac & Violet and cheering me on as I embrace exactly who I am!⁠
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