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Jac & Violet is a mix of organic lines and big geometric shapes. Neutrals with a pop of color. Understated glitz with a whole lot of bold sass. Just like the women who inspired it.

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About our latest donee: NUE BEDFORD Studios

NUE BEDFORD is an artful experience devoted to queer creatives of all BIPOC diasporas. It is inclusively for all to enjoy, yet it is owned, operated and under the lenses exclusive to BIPOC folx in all of our beauty and complexities.  It is a sustainable and accessible space that intends to love, support and evolve with its’ people. 
It’s a NUE way of being. 
The idea of NB was birthed 10 years ago from a small blog with a plain template by a fresh college graduate, unsure of her path in the wake of a recession-plagued job market. It was an outlet. It was budding expression. It was just trying to finds its way. 
10 years, several odd jobs, countless starts and many stops later..the idea has grown into something that can not just hold my own dreams and aspirations; it can hold others as well. 
I grew NUE BEDFORD out of a need to grow myself. I continue to grow it for the need of the community. Safe space is the key to holistic expression. It is our liberation. It is what NUE BEDFORD constantly strives for. 

10% of online orders October thru December will be donated to Nue Bedford Studios.

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